Robert G. Alexander, MD

Refractive Services

Your good vision is important to us. At your initial medical eye exam, Dr. Alexander will discuss the options for achieving your best vision. If you need spectacles, an eyeglass prescription will be prepared for you. Some patients may benefit most through cataract surgery, clear lensectomy or contact lens wear.eye exam

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery today is a form of refractive surgery. Once medical necessity for cataract surgery is determined, Dr. Alexander will discuss your options to maximize your vision through intraocular lens implantation. Many patients who have been nearsighted for years find that they can function eyeglass free in some instances.

Clear Lensectomy

A new and exciting option for baby boomers is the clear lensectomy. With this elective procedure, Dr. Alexander replaces your eye’s natural lens with an artificial lens containing corrective power. The procedure is designed to return you to an eyeglass-free lifestyle.

Contact Lenses

For many patients, the road to improved vision and a spectacle-free lifestyle involves contact lens wear. Lenses today are made with new materials that allow for comfortable all-day wear and a wide range of vision correction. Dr. Alexander has successfully fit hundreds of patients with contact lenses, some who had been told previously that they could not wear lenses. He and many members of his staff are contact lens wearers and appreciate the lifestyle freedom that contact lenses provide. Ranging in age between 12 and 87, our patients’ comfort, functional vision and eye health are our primary objectives. Younger patients receive a customized fit and training that emphasizes eye health and comfortable wear for decades to come. Patients ages 40 and beyond benefit from contact lens designs that eliminate the need for reading glasses and bifocals. You may schedule an appointment for a contact lens fitting after the initial examination.